Military Times Edge: A Magazine Not to be Overlooked

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If I could hand out a Military Times Edge magazine to every veteran I speak to, I would. This is how much I believe that this little magazine is a great resource to helping us veterans as we transition from military to civilian life. There are resources everywhere to help us, but what this magazine does is share the stories of veterans using these resources, and finding success.

Til this day I still subscribe to the Air Force Times Newspaper, keeping up to date with military news is beneficial for someone like myself who now counsels veterans. Though what I learn from reading the Air Force Times is not as beneficial as what I learn from Military Times Edge. You see, this magazine will bring you articles on veterans using the GI Bill or the Post 9/11 to accomplish educational goals, but we’ll also learn about the struggles they dealt with and how they overcame by finding support from other veterans who created a veterans student group on campus. We will learn about the struggles of veterans who were laid off, but used small business benefits to turn their lives around and now run their own successful company. The Edge is the only magazine that will bring you these stories of veterans using the resources created by Federal, State, Non and For-Profit organizations to make a positive impact in their lives.

Education and employment are just a couple of subjects you will read about in the Edge, but this magazine talks about everything from small business, strategies, career fairs, personal stories, and the list goes on. This magazine provides  readers with positive, very informative articles that can help any veteran looking not only for information, but how other veterans used this information to take advantage of the many benefits out there. Not only can this magazine be found packaged with the Military Times at any base shoppette or online, it now can be found displayed on my desk at work, since I recently transitioned from working in the security field to now working as a veterans employment counselor after six years of college.

The Military Times Edge magazine is not to be overlooked, especially if you are making a  transition in  life. You may transition from the military to civilian life once, but you will transition all throughout life whether that be making a career change, going back to school, starting a family, or moving. This magazine is there to help you get over thoughts of contemplating and instead give you a boost in confidence knowing that great rewards lie ahead if you take advantage of the resources and benefits out there setup for us veterans.