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Main sites

Veterans Affairs - For Kids

Armed Services YMCA

Army Family, Morale and Welfare

Our Military kids - For National Guard and Reserve Families (Though great for active duty also)

National Fatherhood Initiative - Site for Military Dads

National Military and Family Association - Children and Deployment

Military Child Education Coalition

Operation Military Kids

Sesame Workshop for Military kids

Military Children in the Classroom


Stand for The Silent - Created by Father who lost his son to Suicide

The Bully Project - Independent Film

Bullying Resources by The Bully Project

American Association of School Administrators - Supporting the military child

Tool Kit (You will need Adobe Reader to open this

American Psychological Association - Resilience in a time of war: Tips for parents and teachers of Elementary school children

American Psychological Association - Resilience in a time of war: Tips for parents and teachers of Middle school children

Education links

Free Tutoring for military families

Scholarships for Military children

Military Child Education Coalition

Dept. of Defense Education Activity Main site

Dept. of Defense Education Activity K-12

Special Needs Child

Special Education Laws and Rights for the Military Child

Military Families and Students with LD – An Overview

Support for Military Families Whose Children Have Special Needs

Wrightslaw (Excellent resource)


Transitioning Veteran Blog - The Benefits of Volunteering

As a certified Guidance Counselor, I know the importance of volunteering for students looking to

attend college. Being a volunteer could be the key to getting into the college of choice. The College essay

is a big part of the package a student must prepare when applying to colleges. Not only do colleges

look at your GPA, rigor of H.S. curriculum, SAT/ACT scores and letters of recommendations, but a big part of rating a student

for acceptance into a college is the essay. Volunteering will enable the student to acquire

great life experience, gain knowledge on the field of choice, begin networking with others in the field, and most importantly

give them more to talk about in their essay when trying to stand out from other students. So begin searching for volunteer

opportunities below by searching the list of websites listed.

- Steve (Founder of Transitioning

Volunteer opportunities

Veterans Affairs - Student program


Peace Corps

Volunteer match


Habitat for Humanity

Social Media

Military Kids Connect - D.O.D


Purdue University - Military Family Research Institute

Science Daily - Military children

Coping strategies and Help for Military Children dealing with deployment or loss

National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Children deal with stress just as well

Dept. of Defense Military health System - (Great source of websites for Military Children and parents)

American Academy of Pediatrics - Military Children

Military Youth on the Move

Focus Project - Resiliency Training

Working with Military Children This is a book by Military Children Education Coalition for Professionals such as teachers who work with Military Children.However I chose to post this, because it has numerous sections with great information pertaining to Deployments, Child stress,homecoming of a deployed parent, crisis intervention to even a Journal your child can create

Recommended Readings

This list of resources is recommended by the Military Family Research institute at Purdue University

Resource for Professionals, Educators and Families

Blogs and Projects for Military Children

Voice For The Military Child - A great blog with articles written by Military Children speaking about their experiences growing up in the military

Month of the Military Child - Many activities You and Your Child can do together

Deployment kids - Simple site for your Child to learn and enjoy activities about Deployments

Government site for Kids - Games

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