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GI Bill

GI Bill Benefits

GI Bill info

Main Veterans Affairs GI Bill page

State and Local Dept. of VA contact numbers

Veterans On-line Application - used to apply for GI Bill

Military Transcripts

Official Coast Guard Transcript request

Official Air Force Transcript request

Official Navy Transcript request

Official Army Transcript request

Joint Services Official Transcript request

Types of Colleges

College Board - Explanation of Colleges

Financial Aid/Scholarships

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FAFSA and VA Education Benefits

Pay attention to the deadlines! There are Federal and State deadlines to apply for Tuition Assistance

Federal Student Aid - FAFSA



Fastweb - Scholarship Finder

Military Student Aid Information


Great Reading Material

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Easing the Transition of Service Members on Campus

Getting back on Parents Insurance

Health Insurance Dependent Status

Covering young adults through parents insurance

Military CLEP and DANTES testing

CLEP Testing

Clep - D.O.D page

CLEP for Military Personnel - Collegeboard

DANTES Testing

DANTES - D.O.D page

DANTES for Military personnel -



College preparation links

Governments own preparing for college site

Great site for new college students; information on how to prepare for college, college loans, and careers

DoD - Free Tutoring


Best way to gain experience, knowledge and network in your new career.


Internship Programs

Do Internships

Internships/Fellowships in the Federal Government Need Adobe Reader to open.

Military Schools

U.S. Air Force Academy - Colorado

U.S. Naval Academy - Maryland

Marine military Academy - Texas

West Point Military Academy - N.Y.

Valley Forge Military Academy - Penn.

Missouri Military Academy - Missouri

Wentworth Military Academy - Missouri

Education News

U.S. Dept. of Education, Great source of news for students, parents and Education workers

Community College Times

Troops to Teachers

Proud to Serve Again

TEACH GRANT - Work in a Low-Income area as a Teacher and be awarded with a tuition saving

Teacher Grant

Troops to Teachers contact list

Other Education Veteran Organizations

American Council on Education

Student Veterans of America

(a coalition of student veterans groups from college campuses across the United States)

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