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Transitioning Veterans of the United States Military

 Resource website for Past, Present and Future United States Military Veterans. Transitioning Veteran Inc. is developing into a website to give the civilian world a chance to connect with the military community. Looking to hire a Veteran? Be sure to inquire about posting on the Job board. Looking to get the word out about an event/job fair your Non-Profit or company will be hosting to benefit veterans? Be sure to inquire about getting your event posted on the Calendar.

Transitioning Veteran.com is also made up of a Wiki and a Blog which is your source of information on Military Benefits.

The Wiki is the main source of links to websites with great information on benefits in a categorized and easy to search format. I will be updating this Wiki as often as I can to ensure that the links are valid and that the latest benefit information is available.

The Blog also contains information on military matters, but most importantly this is where I share my thoughts on life after military service and guide you through finding the answers to make a smoother transition.

Past articles in the Military Times

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